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  1. I am sun god of cakes

  2. I'm back from stasis!

  3. I just clicked update and now all my packs (including both custom and pre-loaded ones) are stuffed... KakerMix, I wants my tekkits back! EDIT: Found out how to fix it - Go into settings (top-right corner) and set it to latest build (It should say 200) That fixed it for me ;)
  4. Cake Is All You Need

  5. This helped a lot. Thanks to both of you!
  6. Hi. I'm trying to set up a machine on my server (its private, so don't bother asking) that will accept an item, and output redstone. For Example: Someone comes up to my free-machines shop. Inside, they can use a line of machines as long as they decide to be in there for. But to get in, they have to bypass a iron door - And to open that door, they need to put 1 diamond into said 'machine', and when that machine detects that a diamond has been placed inside its inventory, it will output of a redstone signal, thus opening the door. How would I do this???
  7. Hmmm. Kinda annoying that H/M isn't ported to bukkit. I just went to set up a public server after seeing that the current list is so short. I'll see how I go with vanilla, but I guess it's the community's choice in h=whether its good or not :)
  8. May The Cake Be With You...

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