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  1. CLEARLY new at the whole Forum thing... ;)

  2. Well thanks, this helped alot
  3. Zeppelin Mod, Rocket Science Mod, Vehicles Mod, Planes Mod, Tanks Mod, Helicopter Mod, Artillery Gun - Ballerburg - Mod, Djoslin's Creations, More Explosives, Spino's Vehicles - content pack for the Flan's Mod (UPDATE #8) and Portcullis mod. Sorry for the big list, take your pick. (This was simply to find out if there was any chance of any of these being added to tekkit, i wish Zeppelin was compatible, look at 'Ahchx1' on YouTube, the stuff he makes with Zeppelin, More explosives and Djoslin's Creations mod is awesome. Also watch 'Minecraft Missle Silo [Now with download]' for some good work with Rocket Science.) PS-Is there any way to make any of these compatible by changing item ID codes or changing the programming?
  4. I would like to request the Rocket Science IC Addon on Tekkit so i may nuke people on a war server. Thankyou.