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  1. Hey Everyone! I am looking for people to join my Attack of the B Team server, it will be a small server with only about 5-10 people... The reason I am doing this is because I would like some people to play with instead of playing in singleplayer all the time, and I don't want to join a big server because they have mods banned or they are all foreign. If you are interested, simply add me on steam, http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198047848001/ But if you don't have steam, just add me on skype, nick.rushton21 Thanks if you come and help out, experimenting, building and most
  2. oh ok, thats cool. will people be able to see me through that? i mean, my name?
  3. hello everyone, me and my brother have just started a new voltz server with some friends and i was just wondering, what are some tips or something to keep my base as hidden as possible? im in a snow/mountain biome and yeah. but i still need to be able to shoot my missiles and things. thanks to anyone who answers this, and sorry if that has been posted before or has been answered a dozen times.
  4. me and my brother are wanting to play the new tekkit through multiplayer...but i cant remember anything about making a server, i used to have several functioning servers like 2 years ago but i cant remember how to do anything. we are only wanting to play through localhost, but i can connect but he cant. can someone help me? (i know you guys can ) also, i used to also have a server where i would just google "whats my ip" then take that ip and put it into the server ip, how do i make that again? sorry for being crap :(
  5. i want to make a modpack so me and my mates can play, maybe record but i'm not receiving a verification email to make my account proper. can someone help me out with this? is this happening to others? thanks for anyone who can help me. im very annoyed with this.
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