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  1. Name: MasterMarglar IRL : Ed S Age: 37 What do you wish to accomplish?: To play on a tekkit server and to see how the multi player of tekkit works out Have you played IC2 or buildcraft? Currently have a technic one up and running I had deleted my world by mistake so i want to try a global one to boot. So yes. what is the purpose of a macerator? To mash things up into dust to make better and stronger items. Or just to sit back and hear the garbage sound in your ears LOL. Recommendations(if you been invited): Have not just started tekkitting if that's a word. Others things i should know: Friends got me into minecraft then found out about technic want to try tekkit now. IF i cannot make something for myself i know theres a wiki and won't ask many many stupid questions unless i forget how to right or left click my mouse. "insert witty joke here "
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