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  1. http://serverlist.us/index.php is another area wheree you can vote for us as well! were on the premium list!
  2. One more thing, your the only one who got banned for having/giving out banned items ;D.
  3. Actually, you were griefing spawn and giving away a banned item, therefore making other people able to be banned for giving them that, you tried to ruin the server, and it didn't work, i checked your base and you had all banned items and you were planning on griefing spawn, you had no intent with good, therefore you should feel bad, thanks!
  4. Well, ill be looking over all of these posts! and although you may not get accepted, I'm not accepting anyone until i know there dedicated to the server (Been here for a while). So good luck to all of you and, you all have a nice day too! (and no im not from Australia lol)
  5. McZeao-Craft! A 24/7 Raiding/PvP Tekkit Server - IP: Port: 25565 (not needed ;D) - factions. Players can set up their own anti-grief areas with factions. (Does not block explosions) Factions also allow players to band together and have wars with other factions. We don't ban anything necessarily. This may change in the future! - Our admins do not spawn any items unless they are part of a reward. Our admins do not abuse their powers and play completely legitimately, unlike other servers. This is an open server, no whitelist application needed. Or donations ;D - We also wont ever bug you for donations, our server is self-paid for, just for your entertainment, but if you wish to donate we do accept, and we do have rewards set up. - NOTICE: SOME EE HAS BEEN BANNED (just cant craft them) LOOK IN GAME FOR THE LIST! Spawn picture: Server Information: - Tekkit Version: 3.1.2 - RAM: 6GB - Current player slots: 80 - For now - Plugins: 1. Votifier 2. Group manager 3. Essentials 4. Chestshop 5. World Edit 6. World Guard 7. TekkitRestrict 8. ZeaoChat (Private) 9. Factions 10. nocheatplus 11. iConnomy 12. Spectate (Good luck cheating now ;D) - Rules: 1. No CAPS 2. No spamming 3. No excessive swearing 4. No using any destructive item near the spawn. 5. No abusing glitches 6. No nuking near the spawn 7. No spawn killing 8. No building right outside spawn 9. No advertising servers 10. Don't use explosives right outside the spawn - Banned Items: Nothing, nothing at all ;D We do though have a anti-dupe plugin, and we have ways to make things fair Restricted Items: nothing as of now ;D - -Mod Snip-
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