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  1. Who agrees with me: B-team needs MOAR CACTUS! Cactus seems to be one of the most important things in the mod as well if you're looking to go at something more advanced. Modern weapon crates, Witchery, they all need it.
  2. I built a 30x30 particle accelerator in my singleplayer voltz world. It gets to 100%, makes the deep "boom" noise, and it goes back to 0 again. The problem is, it is not generating any antimatter. I'm putting in empty cells, and have tried 120, 240, AND 480 volts. It just won't generate any antimatter. Any ideas? Help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Well... I have the standard force field setup, bottom: eu injector (lv input, mfsu is full), middle: force field core (lever on the side), top: mffs area projector (frequency card is in). Lever is on. The core will activate, but it won't store ANY energy. EU injector sometimes lights up when i flip the lever. WHAT IS WRONG? If this isn't fixed, it's a 100% guarantee that i will be seriously griefed. Please help!
  4. It would be very helpful if somebody could help with his!
  5. Yeah... I would do some research on it just to be sure before you delete woe world file, but I feel for ya... I also lost a whole lot when this happened to me. But I'm not entirely sure that this is a world corruption. Be hopeful!
  6. When I run Dynmap with Tekkit, this is what I get: Brown IC2 parts Brown Redpower Parts Black Reinforced Stone Black Basalt Only shadows of big rubber trees; no tree though Occasional black machines from Redpower All of those colors (black,brown) that I mentioned above are totally solid. Please help! Any diagnosis of what's wrong?
  7. Okay, I think I know what it is. Download the latest version of Java. You might not have it. Once you do that, change the batch file to what I gave you before and it should work.
  8. Yeah, I have... but I think some people don't really understand that...
  9. Am I just crazy, or are all of the topics on this section about Tekkit? I thought this was for OFF TOPIC DISCUSSION...
  10. Yeah, I hate to say this, but the last time this happened to me, I found out that is was a corruption in the world file... Try putting a different world file in place of the old, and see if that does anything.
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