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    First of all, this is a small server with only bukkit on it, and is designed to be as much like the original modpack as possible. There are very few banned items, and those that are are banned for good reasons, so here's a list:


    • No rapiers. Why? Because they're incredibly annoying and can take down a guy with full diamond Armour instantly, if you have a spam-click macro enabled, but thats cheating anyways.
    • No portal guns, as they don't really work on public servers as the same type of portal guns shares portals, no matter the player.
    • No ridiculously small morphs in combat, Tropical fish and hamsters, we're looking at you.
    • No explosive wubs.
    • And last of all, no using minions to grief the landscape, as the landscape needs to stay beautiful for all!

    Also here's a list of rules:

    • No racism or excessive swearing
    • No greifing of other players creations & buildings
    • You can steal, just don't rip everything that isn't nailed down like a madman, this modpack has ridiculous amounts of ores.
    • Put signs on your creations, so people know they're yours and not some ruin.
    • You can randomly kill animals, as long as they're not in farms.

    The IP Address is: flyrean.legacy.nn.pe:25600

    The version is: 1.0.12a

    There's also 2-hourly restarts of the server to prevent lag.


    Sorry for the non-graphical stuff on the post, I'm gonna work on it.


    Post on the website for whitelist applications.


    The server forums are:



    Please don't lie about any bans, I can just look up your username on MC Bans for any bans.

    There's no other staff than me as of yet, but you can post an application on the topic.

  2. IGN:Flyro2000


    Experience with Tekkit: I used to play a lot of tekkit(the old one) but i got bored of it and haven't been on it since. I have a good idea of what I'm doing but the thermal expansion does my head in. :P

    How long you have been playing for: Like i said, about a year on tekkit classic and a couple of hours on tekkit

    What you are good at (Buildings, etc.): I'm an allrounder really, i'm quite good at building machinery, quite good at building up to a certain point. When I get building very big buildings, they start to look bad.

    Why you think you would be a good addition to the server: Because I'm a nice person to talk to and i am (mostly) friendly and not likely to go powermad. Also i can build some pretty epic machinery.

  3. IGN:C00KI3Gaming



    WHY DO YOU LIKE TEKKIT? Becuase it interests me and I like how everything works, its really clever.

    WHAT CAN YOU BRING TO THE COMMUNITY? an electrical applience store, with a massive factory!

    P.S. I'm posting this app for my friend, this is not myself. Also he wrote it, he's just using my account.

  4. IGN: Flyro2000

    I have been temp kicked from a server once, for ten minuites for leeching energy from an unlocked hv array

    I enjoy tekkit becuase it is a lot easyer to automate everything, and it adds lots of other cool stuff, whitch i only half know about.

    I Can bring into the community lots of cool buildings, and a some complex stuff. i'll try to build a HV array factory, i did once but it wasn't fully automated, but i'm going to try and make it fully automated this time!

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