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  1. Hello Sangellio. My name is Iskandar Fischer I am 15 year old almost 16 and I would love to start a let's play with you. I have a server that can be used that I do not use (server port are open) and record and edit video's. I am a very outgoing person so I will be trying to talk to not leave to much silence and try making this a enjoyable experience for us and the viewers. My skype is Dragonblazez or Iskandar Fischer. Either works I think. Thanks in advance for considering this SrgSangellio. Have a nice day PS: I do have a mic
  2. Hello everyone, My name is Iskandar Fischer on youtube and I am 16. I would like to start a tekkit multiplayer commentary with 1 or 2 other persons. I live in Western Europe, and my schedules is pretty nice so I have a lot of free time. I would like someone who is at least 15 and maximum 18. You must have skype. I myself can host the server and record but if you want to record as well I do not have a problem with it. Fill in this app. Name: Age: Timezone: IGN: Minecraft experience: Tekkit experience: Youtube experience (if you do not have any it s fine) Show me your work (if you have any): Your skype: Can you record: Can you edit video: My app: Name: Iskandar Fischer Age: 16 Timezone: CEST IGN : Dragonblazez Minecraft experience: I started playing minecraft since beta 1.3 and I am now a really good builder. I am also pretty good with redstone. I also got accepted on the voxelbox Tekkit experience: I am good with tekkit I know how to make any items automatic with machines (with and without EE). Youtube experience (if you do not have any it s fine): almost none Show me your work (if you have any): I do here is a link to it Your skype: Iskandar Fischer or Dragonblazez Can you record: Yes. Can you edit video: Yes I have Imovie
  3. IGN:Dragonblazez Reason for wanting to become a member: to be able to participate with the community at making a better server and being able to build Why should we accept you: Because i can be a very good aset to your server this goes from people skill to building skills