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  1. Is it possible to move the tekkit folders to another location? I don't want it in the appdata folder is there some way of moving it to another folder or drive? Thanks
  2. For completions sake in case anyone else searches this problem thought I'd post the screenshots of it working. I had to use a world anchor in the nether but in order to make this work I had to use a dimensional anchor right next to it or the nether world unloads. The reason I had to use a dim anchor next to a world anchor is I aren't an op so can't change the area the dim anchor loads till I see the admin
  3. I managed to find a cheap workaround. Lava pump station in nether takes lava out and puts into a tank. Then a deployer takes lava out into buckets. Lava buckets go to the nether chest. Back in the normal word, my deployer drops lava in a 1x1 area and I have a pump directly above it that places it in tanks. A-wooden transport pipes move stuff back around. Seems to work so far. The only difference to my original plan is instead of placing lava straight into a tank it has to be dropped on the floor then suck up by a pump.... Cheers for the replies all :)
  4. Oh right. I could have sworn I saw a video with it working.
  5. Hi all, I can't seem to find out what's going on here. I've got a deployer that's being fed lava buckets and that deployer is facing a tank. However it will not place the lava from the bucket into the tanks for some reason - I click the level and it just does nothing. If I remove the tank, the deployer will place the lava on the floor though. Any ideas? Bug? Thanks for the help.
  6. Yeh I tried multiple sides it's the same. I just don't think they work together. I replaced them with diamond chests and all is well now. I agree the RP pipes / sorting machines seem better I will look at those at some point too I thank you for your replies all.
  7. Yeh could do I was just wondering if I was doing something wrong or is it in fact a compatibility thing?
  8. Hey up, I did a few searches can't find owt definitive. I tried setting up an insertion pipe and alchemical chest kind of affair. Thing is I noticed when the alch chest was full, the insertion pipe was still putting things into it but they just disappear! Is something wrong or do they just not work together? I replaced the alch chest with a normal chest and it started to work as it should - but ofc, normal chests are small Thanks for the help kinda pulling my hair out. These chests are great be a shame if they aren't compatible... Some pics
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