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  1. I have done that. I can transmute all fuel finally and I get all the EMC out yet it still doesn't let me do matter. Everyone else on my server has no problem using it.
  2. My trans tablet won't work. I will try to transmute Lapis into Copper and it won't work. Putting anything under the class matter won't work. My fuels however will transmute. Any help?
  3. Hi, I just recently configured my Towny so people could build and break and the wilderness and all that good jazz. Then when I started the server Towny loaded fine. However when I was testing it I tried to do [/towny help] to list all the commands. After that failing I tried [/town create] or whatever the command is to make a town. Both brought no response from the console. Any help?
  4. it all flows to my personal use machines and thats what i should have said
  5. yes i do... i may be derpy but im not that derpy... :P
  6. Hi. I have a set up that I'm trying to power my quarry. Its like [MFSU]->[MV-Trans]->[LV-Trans] from there it branches to my personal machines, automatic maceration system, and my quarry. Every thing works but the quarry. It was working for a short time but it stopped. When I click with EU-Reader it says 0 EU/t. Any help? Screenshots:http://imgur.com/a/GGzug
  7. [Resolved] The batbox was going to my MFE which was full so that was that.
  8. My batbox isn't outputing any power. When I click with EU reader it says 0 EU/t. I have also tried replacing the output cables with tin and copper... still no luck... Any suggestions?
  9. Hi my wind mills aren't generating any EU. I have them connected with tin cables but when I measure it I still get 0 EU/t. Any help?
  10. IGN: theduke9999 Age:13 Experience: Intermediate/Novice I've been playing for about a month and I came to your server because I'd rather be on a small server that's actually Tekkit. Not some where everything is banned. Rules: Yes I read them and I get the idea as they're fairly general rules like on most vanilla servers.
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