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  1. A Tekkit server where you can make factions, build factories, survive, build and work together with your friends. [Rules]: 1:No greifing 2:No stealing 3:Be respectful to members of staff 4:No abusing landscape 5:No xray 6:No duping [Ranks]: Recruit>Start Member>play for 2hr or prove interest Trusted>player server for while-Prove trustworthy Moderator>Shown that you can be trustful, respectful and mature Admin>Cant be earned by a normal player Owner>Only 1 Owner CoOwner>Only 1 CoOwner ^ More Ranks In Future We use money in a different way on how we calculate the value of things also you can set up your own stores around the map with the help of lockette your stuff will be safe(even let you be able to lock machines). Me and my friend love playing tekkit, so he paid for a dedicated server, we wanted to have fun get players to join and have fun with us. :> Hopefully server up 24/7 unless doing updates/perms etc. Some of ee items are banned because they are abit Op but overall theres still Dm Tools Etc. [banned]: Mining Laser All TNT Black Hole Band Catalytic Lens Destruction Catalyst Evertide Amulet Infernal Armor Abyss Helmet Harvest Goddess Band Mercurial Eye Ring of Arcana Watch of Flowing Time Volcanite Amulet Dark Matter Hammer All Rm Tools Red Matter Morning Star Cannon Nova Catalyst Nova Cataclysm Igniter All Chunk Loaders [Plugins]: AutoSaveWorld BuilderPlot ChestShop ColorMe CommandBook Essentials Factions Lockette mcjobs Multiverse PermsEx NoCheatPlus PlotGen TekkitCustomizerData VoxelSniper WorldEdit WorldGuard We love having company feel free to run around the shops even help build them for ingame $ Enjoy. :> [CoOwner]meta_dragon [i.P]= [Pictures] <Spawn> <Your Adventure Begins> Enjoy :> meta_dragon