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  1. Do you have a server up and running ATM I haven't seen you in quite a bit.

  2. Hey pigman5000 ill accept you but ill need you to Pm me your age, i need to know that info from all players
  3. Yes server is open to the public for the weekend, come test the server out and if you like it apply for the whitelist to continue playing
  4. Hey bazza999 and wellsoonred your accepted I added you to the greylist, see you on the server
  5. Hey Dessieman, Torpoon, Jordyn683, and MrSpyro1 i added you all to the greylist. Welcome to black-diamond-city
  6. Nice, thats all good Anyplayers wanting to join, join now while its still open to the public for the weekend Weekdays will be greylisted
  7. Join now, server is open to everyone for the weekend. Events are coming up this week, don't miss them, lots of prizes to be won
  8. Hey thanks iSlayzz for the comment, and since its the weekend the server is open to the public.
  9. Hey iSlayzz, you accepted Welcome to black-diamond-city Visit black-diamond-city.enjin.com for more info and updates
  10. Hey Fantasychef your accepted, message me if you have any questions or visit the website. Black-Diamond-City.enjin.com
  11. Hey WideningSpace, the server is open to the everyone on weekends so you can still join in now And i added you to the Greylist/whitelist
  12. Hey eternaldarknes the server is open to the public on the weekends so you can come in and play now. But thanks for filling out the app for the weekdays when the server is greylisted.
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