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  1. Thank you all for the ideas (even you gavjenks ). I'll definitely try some of these ideas, and it's enough to keep me full for now :D
  2. All vanilla automators are still allowed, pipes are still allowed (Including obsidian), relay matter thing (Converter to raw EMC) is allowed, water is allowed, condenser / compresser / most machines are still allowed -> therefore you can still automate some things. I played for a few hours yesterday and managed to get a dark matter pickaxe which gives EMC pretty quickly when you find some ores, so this is kind of a bonus now. However, automated EMC does help for when I can't play for a few hours straight.
  3. Well, seriously though, with slow EMC generators if you double or triple your design it'll become too big and cause too much lag - which is why there's a limit, if you lag up the server too much with your 500 compressers it'll still get you in trouble.
  4. Collectors are banned because it would be "too easy" Blaze rod EMC are banned because they literally make red matter in 10-20 seconds. Most bands are banned because they would be OP in PvP or for dupe glitches. Literally the only sources of EMC that are banned are the ones that get you a stack of red matter in less than 30 minutes. I'm not looking for one of these, I'm looking for something I can farm for a while but make a decent profit as well. There's a topic on my server about netherrack -> condenser EMC generators. It's extremely slow and therefore the admin decided to allow it.
  5. Cheat? I'm not trying to cheat.. Just trying to find an efficient item to farm. If you're asking me to mine iron for 10+ hours to get a single dark matter that's not exactly what I'd want to do. Linear Spoon, I'll try your idea.
  6. Hello, first post asking for help, isn't that nice. Anyways. I joined a tekkit server. I like the server so far, but I need an EMC generator design, because there's limits to everything (How many ores you can have, item bans, etc.) I've already checked the standard stuff, the solar panel to EMC (Which is banned on my server), block breaker farm, blaze rod macerater, even stuff like harvest goddess ring with black hole band to farm sugar cane, and mass fabricator EMC generator. All of these are banned on my server. These are the items I cannot use (Not naming them all, but most of
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