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  1. Hey guys, I came to this forum basically to ask about running Technic on a 32 bit computer, whether it was possible, or if there was a simple solution. I'm not very computer savvy, so to me there is no obvious answer, but from what I've read it seems not. I may be wrong. Either way, I have been unable to find a straightforward answer to what should really be an obvious FAQ type question. When I try to post to the questions section, I either can't find the button (and am therefore a huge idiot...), or can't post because I am a new member, or something like that. I understand why those systems might be in place (if they actually are), but I joined specifically to ask this one question. You might be able to tell that I am a little miffed. If anyone can tell me if me and my sad little 32 bit computer can run Technic, or point me in the direction of where that question can be answered that would be grand. Cheers.
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