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  1. Skylord_Zakzedd 14, voice sounds older though Tekkit, since the yogscast started. However, I learned quickly. I am an expert on EE, buildcraft, baikons weapons power management, MASSIVE factory making and more. about 8-9. 10 if your generous.
  2. if its just one person, teach them about obsidian pipes.
  3. no no, i mean, pretend the condenser doesn't exist, i need one that makes emc without a condenser, the condenser collects the emc, any other ideas?
  4. Hi guys, is there a way to gain plenty of emc by using just 1 condenser for collection? My server has banned people making them in large quantaties, as the generate lag in large amounts. Any possible answer? All other tekkit items are allowed.
  5. - Your Minecraft Username: Skylord_Zakzedd - Your Real Name: Zak - If you have Skype or not: Indeed - What your build style is: I start with a shack when I am starting out on the server, then i move out. I build a factory next to it about 20x20, usually square with no stairs, i put large holes between floors in the center to fly in and out. Favorite building materials are stone brick, marble brick and especially glass. I have a tendency to make things look medieval, whether I like it or not. I always build a mass of energy collectors at about level 120 - Have you ever been banned: Nope,
  6. I find block breakers easy to use, lava on one side, water on the other, when they mix, they give cobblestone, one gives 1 emc per second, I set up about 25 of these under ground. I'm no good at explaining this. Watch "mo cobblestone" for tekkit with duncan
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