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  1. tmoflash


    Hello, I hope everyone is doing well. I know that this has been some discussion in the past about the buycraft plugin. I cannot seem to find the jar file anywhere (that works) I reached out to tebex (buycraft) they no longer support, nor is the version I need anywhere on bukkit that I could find. Anyone know where I can get the buycraft.jar for tekkit classic 1.2.5?
  2. Jamano thanks for the response. Would love some help. I am still building spawn and modifying pluginsatm. This is first time for me to have a server just looking for someone who may havea little experience and provide guidance. I am also looking for staff I have non atm. Looking to launch October 31 (if plausible). If you are able to help what do you need from me to get you going?

    1. Jamano


      Add me on skype: Jaman00tje Im just here to help and i like it to help people out with servers.