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  1. I have very awesome news which I am really happy about, and thought I'd post here: Thermal expansion Terrain Smashers + Itemducts do work on Carriages just fine now... some guys in here may remember me and my problems... so I wanted to say, that it's all fine now, thanks to Forge Multipart
  2. THIS! I had the same Issue with Thermal Expansion pipes. KingLemming says, that they are complex multiblock structures which souldn't be moved, and Ender Io conduits are probably the same ;)
  3. I've actually wrote a pretty stable CC program, that does exactly that should I post it to you?
  4. yes I actually did it like: if redstone on back of Computer1 is active rednet.send(id,message:"on"). Then if Com2 receives this signal he'd put out the move command. but it wasn't working over and over again, just once... And yes I used a while loop ;)
  5. Ok, then. I definitely don't wanna be annoying, but the wireless redstone thing i mentioned... I were told you were working on it, so how much of a problem is it to fix it? my mining well and me would be REALLY be happy if you did so, because I tried computercraft... and my basic understanding of the thing is just failing, if you know what I mean ;)
  6. So you wouldn't even be able to put it on github now... Alright, good you said that ^^ And also not to be confused: I haven't used an issue tracker yet, but I can imagine how it's done, and also consider it not too hard to be done.
  7. Well, I consider myself sophisticated enough to use an issue tracker, if I had known of it... :P
  8. HeyHo It's me again.. today: I just noticed the wireless redstone Receiver not working/ semi-not working on frames. they just stay on, and I can't turn them off I was using that because my tunnel bore was duplicating as it moved along: I had one full set of Carriage spectres one of some broken mining well-stuff and the original mining well still moving along just fine. I thought it was because I quit game while it was still moving, so I wanted a way to turn it off - remotely. But it didn't work. Can you think of a proper way to fix this?
  9. Yeah, PMs are a good idea... Sorry jakj anyway, I'll try to do the ME storage bus thing, but I think I tried that before and it didn't work out so well:( Let's see
  10. Ok, so I assume you just use a storage bus? Well, that's easy... And has the priority to be 20 or something else? Though what you said last was somehow confusing me: you said, that I wouldn't want to use an export bus unless I want to insert stuff from my AE network into the enderchest/ or actually I use a tesseract But I want to do just that! I want the stuff from my Quarry in my AESystem in a chest so I can process it with the TE machines. Sorry, but I still don't really know what to do :P
  11. Oh, ok.. you mean, that if there's no block, it doesn't update the ones nearby... seems obvious ^^ :P
  12. I'm really sorry, but I have a crash log that says something else: http://pastebin.com/aMZZfwzM Just downloaded the new beta 5 minutes ago, testet exactly the same setup... well you can see what came along. It always happens when both TE and RiM update nearby blocks. I'm not a coder, but I just noticed that it could be that rather than the cache improperly clearing up.
  13. I hope you didn't get it wrong, I didn't say there was anything bad about you or the video... I was just kind of (surprised???) that it could have been you in the video. I don't know... Anyway, I think I watched something similar on another channel, and copied it almost exactly, but it just wasn't working at all. Then, I watched your video and tried the enderchest version: as I said, enderchest was not accepting anything, AND THEN finally: I figured you'd have to use a disk drive... dude thanks for that. A lot, to be honest Amazi-Quarry, or so... really awesome job ^^ Now I just need to figure out, why the export bus I set up at home doesn't output to a chest. (yes, I definitely set all the items to export, so you don't ask ) I spent countless.. well minutes in fact .. on that, can anyone help me?
  14. Though you're not the guy in the video are you? Well anyway, I think I'll just test this again because the first try with AE went terribly wrong... but I'll figure it out I think. Just have to export everything in the network to an enderchest... *noticing enderchest not accepting any items* ... tesseract... *hopefully doesn't crash then* ... Well, should work with 2 ME Fuzzy Export buses for all the items, shouldn't it?
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