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  1. Great server! I recommend everyone to join us if you want a mature server where you get to meet some great people!
  2. Hey there welcome to TekkitPlus! We're back online and the problem seemed to have magically disappeared (software ) Edit: Approved!
  3. No worries, as I stated above the server IS offline atm due to an error we haven't found the solution for yet but we're an experienced team. And we should find a solution not so long from now. If you could register at our website that's greatly appreciated! www.tekkitplus.net and press the 'Join' button at the menu bar at the top! Edit: Tell your friend to register at our website, and make an application either here on the forums or on my forums.
  4. Approved HYD, Welcome to TekkitPlus! I took your forum name as IGN to check your ban record as a '#' is an invalid character in a minecraft username.
  5. Hey there all, As you may have already read. The server is currently offline. We're bug fixing an error with CraftBukkit++ and are beta-testing Tekkit for 1.4.7 I refer to this post if you want more information http://www.tekkitplus.net/home/m/7473256/article/1227198 If for some reason that link doesn't work use this one instead! blog.tekkitplus.net Edit: Both lads are approved! Welcome to TekkitPlus!
  6. I said as soon as possible I'm an honest lad so I will tell you that I do not have an ETA just yet the bug fixing is taking longer then expected.
  7. Hey there ARJD! Let me be the first to welcome you to TekkitPlus! You can find the rules here: www.tekkitplus.net/rules You don't have to download any plugin at all! We the server have them installed and you can use them. Yes it's ok to record on our server, Contact me when you're done and maybe if the quality is excellent I'll put it on our homepage. Ps. The server is down atm for some hardware improvements and bug fixing we will be back online as soon as possible!
  8. Hey there welcome worjd! Approved and let me be the first to welcome you to TekkitPlus!
  9. You may apply for a staff position on our website tekkitplus.net Making that application is not a guarantee that you'll get it.
  10. 15 Slots! - 24/7 - Factions - ChestShop - Logblock - And Much More! Tekkit+ is not your ordinary server! Are you tired of lag? Are you tired of servers that don't exist longer then a week thus your creation is now lost forever? We are too! That's why we started our own server! Tekkit+ is ran by two experienced Minecraft server owners/players. So to be honest with you this server isn't going to dissapear tomorrow! Tekkit+ may be brand new but already there is a small group of enthusiastic players that will help you when you first log in. Wether you're an experienced player or you just downloaded Tekkit and you just want to get the feel of Tekkit, Tekkit+ is the server for you! We run a huge variety of plugins! This is a short list of the most known plugins we run! Factions iConomy ChestShop LogBlock LWC (For Chest Protection) WorldBorder MobBounty AutoSaveWorld (Automatically saves/backups the world every 30 minutes) Equivalent Exchange This is disabled mainly because we find it very overpowered. Wireless Redstone tear servers apart Nukes, Mining lasers, World Anchors.. Banned for obvious reasons. Terraformers Dimensional Anchor Ender Chest (It corrupts the world save) Sticky and regular Dynamite Joining us isn't hard at all! From the moment you log on to our server you are a member! We don't use a whitelist / greylist ! Why would we? Server Address: play.tekkitplus.net If the above ip address doesn't work then use this one instead Yes we even have our own swimming pool! Website: http://tekkitplus.net/ Server Rules: The Rules can be found HERE
  11. Good to hear. This gives me the opportunity to say I'm ninjaed.. nevermind wasn't giving the OP the new solution anyway. Ps. Darn you Jorcer! ;p
  12. I highly suggest you take some classes to 'refine' your English. It's a bit against my principles but here you go this is probably your solution. (English isn't the most difficult language to learn and as you can see it's being used almost everywhere!) Solution: If your launcher is encountering this error, a solution is to download the .jar file from http://www.technicpack.net/download/ (pick the third from the left (Linux/Jar)). If you are using Internet Explorer you will also need to change the file extension (the ending of the file) to .jar instead of .zip. Once you’ve done that, all you need to do is double-click on the file to run the launcher Edit: I fully agree with you Greenwolf on this being a terrible post btw.
  13. Is this your server? If so I recommend deleting the End and let the server generate a new one for you.
  14. To be honest I do not know if this will fix your problem at all as it seems you're having problems with hostnames etc. (derived from the screenshot) But something you can always do is update your java to Java 7 update 7.
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