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  1. But they dont have to spawn naturally. You need to use the Fossil Mod to spawn them. Tropic and Dinosaurs ? Not that good... What mammoths do in tropics? I know that mammoths lived in frosty and cold places while the ice age
  2. I went into the Tropicland, and saw dinosaurs there? o.0 ? They are from the Fossil Mod and shouldn't spawn there !!!
  3. Hi, what's about more furnaces? The Vanilla Furnace and the Smeltery Furnace are a bit slow. I dont want to make a bunch of furnaces just to cook my food or smelt my ores. What do you think?
  4. Hey this is not a bug for the technic modpacks. I made a modpack for me and my friends, but i have a problem. There is one Recipe, but there are 2 Items which can be made with this :/ What can i do?
  5. Hey all ! I found a Mod, which probably can be nice for Hexxit ! It's very good for RPG,because it add DungeonMobs/Bosses If you like it post your mind here ! Maybe it will be added in the Modpack ! |Link| http://bit.ly/13WDBW2 Dungeon Mobs by GnomeWorks
  6. How i can make own Modpacks for Minecraft (Only) and Minecraft(Server) fast,safe and easy ?
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