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  1. if it helps you
  2. Hi guys, I have this annoying problem. I just got new stuff for my computer. Tekkit wont open... so I decided to download it again... now I have that annoying bug I got before: I download Technic Launcher and Technic Launcher opens.... I see no "Tekkit Lite" so I try and look it up and check "install" AFTER That a message comes up with something "need to be install or is corrupt. No Option for Offline Play"... so I cant download Tekkit Lite. I tried to download it again... NOW everything is gone... I just get "No Discovery Page available" so how should I play Tekkit Lite with my Fam again -.- ?
  3. Could you please make a little guide about that main pack and patch-pack... I dont get it really how that works ... would help a lot :(
  4. Hi there, I want to have a texture pack for Tekkit Lite. So: 1) Do I need to include Optifine first ? If yes, could you give me a link for this version ? 2) What Texture Pack are FULLY supported ?
  5. This server is fun with a nice team. After the big reset now everything is balanced and players have the chance to get a big mansion I really hope to see you all on the servers . Let's build together, guys ;D