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  1. i was able to download and so far play however when i used creative mode to see what all it has i used the .50 cal gun. when i shot the explosive rounds it had no real problems. however when i used the regular ammo i still used the scope but when i did after i finally killed something there was a white block covering the cross hairs. side not i shot a pig... then turned into it. i don't know if this is a mod that caused it but every time i killed something i turned into that animal an or creature. any ideas?
  2. hey man i agree we should get a wide range of weapons to chose from i mean come it would make the game hard and easy. it really goes both ways and to the people who said they dident like the idea thats fine its your choice to make not to lay with them and it is your right to speak your opinions, However it is also our right to do so and if i offend you i am sorry but look at it this way if they do put gun or cannons or what ever in the game and you dont like it either play on a server where you cant use them or get your own and dont let people use them on there its that simple just because you dont want them in the game doesnt mean there ARE OR ARE NOT at least 1000 people out there who would want to see it happen.
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