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  1. Is the latest big dig not the recomended (because i had a bug and they recomended to update) the health is because the mod morehealth (http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/115172-152-noheros-mods-more-health-42-more-hud-options-and-easier-installation/ ) its configured to start with 1 heart and give you 1herart each lvl until you get 10 and then give you hearts every 5 lvls (its also config to lose your hsarts if you die) I don't have optifine and these bees are from forestry (jungle ones) the problem with the energy is because is draining energy (lots) even if not working (you can see the high %) and its annoying..
  2. someone... can explain me... or almost try to explain this?
  3. i'm getting this error on my server on startup... pastebin don't know what i must change... configs are changed, files have been changed (the originals from the latest...) i'm using the latest big dig in the client is allright, but the server is not so happy.....
  4. no i dont use it, only i've used the server downloaded from the big dig official page and reinstalled from the server.rar i've downloaded
  5. -9057352651117540831 this is a seed i use in my server, is a nice plains, with lots of berries, near a mega village, near a jungle and a taiga after the jungle, the village comes from a unknown mod (for me) and the jungle has a floating ender village, also the village is broken by a ravine that has a stronghold the mod used to config. the world is the thermal expansion, the folder is called COFH
  6. i was trying to update Forestry but i got crash, http://pastebin.com/BsJYPGUi is there a way to update? : the version we have in the pack is and the actual is also i tried to update extra bees but is imposible...
  7. i've come today with a brand new bug, every time someone places a enderchest the world crashes with this code go to pastebin i've tried to reinstall the server from 0 (saving the world) but it still crashes.. also, i've got this on startup, and i think there is the "problem" (or the cause) go to pastebin (another time) EDIT: the solution is delete the EnderEstorage folder (or only it's content) in order to create new files
  8. Don't know if is a bug or is my "wrong" config... i have set the smallest farm, (3x3x4) in a manage farm to plant and harvest seeds (normal and boring wheat) and the farm block is created, the floor (under where is suposed to be placed the dirt ) and the farm "multiblock" is formed, i've placed the dirt, the seeds and the fertilizer via pipes, and manually (to check) and the help message in the machine says "no fertilizer" and keeps eating my fertilizer like 1 per 4-5 seconds also i've found in some forums that i should op "[Forestry] but nothing changes
  9. what is the mod which increases the ores in the world? just want to tweak it a bit if i can I've just found a 20 diamonds ore vein near the surface... and man.. this is a lot of diamonds!