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  1. I got a question ingame.

  2. I run a 30 player Tekkit server that on average uses 1.8 GB of Ram. I run it on a 3.0 Ghz E5700 Dual Core processor. 1GB for under 10 players is enough as long as you don't have some plugins such as Dynamap. My server averages at 18 TPS. Server has been going for 3 weeks live (2 months from scratch) Edit: I have allowed the server a max of 3GB
  3. So I use NoItems to ban things such as EE Rings, I've found out that using the project table, automatic crafting table and the transmutation tablet they can craft the rings and use their passvive abilities such as flying with the swiftwolf rending gale. Only Donators should be allowed to craft those rings. Has anyone found out how to fix this ? I found this plugin called Tekkit Restrict http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/tekkit-restrict/ Has anyone used this or know if this can be used to fix the problem ?
  4. I believe that you can ignore NoItem banning for crafting by using project tables or automatic crafting table.
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