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  1. it's not protected, but is it a problem that the spawn is in the quarry? *edit the spawn is 2 blocks outside the quarry
  2. this quarry was set up exactly like the first. i've waited about 10 min. but no blocks were removed and no frame was build.
  3. i connected the steam engines directly to the quarry so the teleport pipe isn't causing the problem
  4. I replaced the wooden pipe with a gold pipe. and attached 6 steam engines to the quarry and still no action
  5. it doesn't work at all. I've tried it on several places but only the first quarry I build is working. it's working on a energylink connected to a mfsu
  6. frequencys are all set up well. removed the lever and still nothing happening
  7. hello I've build a quarry wich works fine. I build a second quarry excactly the same as the one I build before but this one doesn't work. does someone know why? (it is getting power en the lever is switched on) *SOLVED* the quarry was build to close to the spawn, wich is auto protected by buildcraft