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  1. Though some of these are waiting for Tekkit Upgrade Release to 1.3x or 1.4x, I have the following changes and upgrades in mind: After Tekkit Upgrade: - Will be doing a world wipe. Moving structures on the new world on request. - Moving to a Towny plugin environment for land management and to add some teeth to the economy. Infrastructure Upgrades: - First week of next month the server will be moved to it's own internet provider. I'll still have physical control of the machine, and I think I can keep the IP the same, but it'll no longer share a connection. This should reduce the network
  2. Due to the lack of interest in the multiverse world, Multiverse has been removed. Will implement an arena system and PVP areas into the main world later if any interest in PVP is shown. Major rework today on plugins, went ahead and started doing plugin comparrisons for the version of minecraft we're using and have weeded out or downgraded some plugins that we're looking for events in mc 1.3 that don't exist in 1.2.5.
  3. As a note, around the first of the month, this server will have a non-shared internet connection which should improve the few latency issues we've had.
  4. Added to the whitelist, but give it about a half hour before trying to login. Going to be downloading latest updates and doing a full server reboot in a few moments.
  5. Check out our lag-graph (the ping section) at http://mcservers.org/detail/www.felsfolly.com The 2 spikes were during backups! And yes, I know a ping from one location is representative of everyone's results, but a ping from a server located on the opposite coast makes me a bit happy! My most loyal player is from Australia, and we host from Kansas, she gets along well. =)
  6. I've cobbled together sphaxpuredbcraft with a few pieces from VonDoomcraft. =)
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