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  1. I didn't think this would go under the server section, as the server does not exist yet. I simply want to know if people would like to have this. I didn't mean it as an advertisement. And I certainly hope more than 4 people will want to play on this kind of server...
  2. I will open a server for people that want to do let's play videos. Contact me and I will give more info. Active players: 5 to 10 so a max of 10 slots on the server People desired: 10-15, but only 10 at a time Server Time Zone: EST Mods: Tekkit Lite
  3. Hello, I am thinking of opening a server only for players that want to do let's play videos. A quite place where you can play and film without being disturbed. If you would be interested to join this kind of server, post here PS. No banned items!!! The full tekkit lite experience