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  1. Server's Popular as ever and got some old staff back in as well. Tons of new players. Plus got other projects happening as well. Got a normal MC server running and will be soon getting a FTB whitelist server running too.
  2. 1. You don't apply for op/admin. You write up an app for mod then after 6 months of good behavoir and NO complaints about how you mod the server. Then you have a chance at admin but otherwise you stay as mod. You go to website. http://www.hellocreeper.com/page/joinus and read that page. Rest is self explanatory.
  3. We now have more donation packages with cheaper prices and also perma ranks now too!
  4. Playershops have been finished! They look awesome! Come check them out everybody!
  5. Title: Swiftwolf Rending Gale & Lava Bug Version: 3.1.2 OS: Ubuntu Java Version: NA Description of Problem: 1. Have a rending gale 2. go flying near/over lava by about 1 to 5 blocks 3. it will teleport you into the lava for some odd reason its an EE2 bug, is there a fix for this? Thank you to whoever helps me. Error Messages: No errors Error Log: No errors in log
  6. btw dont go spamming other servers with your tekkit ip. its rude and a dick move.
  7. Tekkit Restrict has that problem on a lot of servers. How it basically cripples the server. I decided not to use and got a coder to basically fix all the dupe bugs, (Trans Tablet, Block Breaker, RM Furnace, Tank Cart, Teleportation dupe and so on) and got all the items that are destructive, RM/DM tools, lens, destruction cata, mining laser and so on. So basiclaly my spawn hasnt been blown up since and any world guarded, faction claimed area and towny area won't be affected. Also got a fix for the buildcraft pipes so they dont drop items anymore and also how servers normally lag out when u have
  8. Thanks zeus, ill probably switch to that. I'll have to make sure the plugins i use are group manager compatible. Going to try reinstalling pex from scratch and just having the players send me PM's with hey my rank was this. Hopefully it will fix this problem. But we'll see =).
  9. Problem I'm having is at random points of times. (When i havent edited and reuploaded the file) Pex will revert somebody from creep+ back to creep or a mod back to creep (creep = default rank of the server.) Any ideas as to why it's doing thing? and possibly fixes? Thank you for your help Dedicated Server Ubuntu I use tekkit 3.1.2 List of plugins BKCommonLib 1.22 - bergerkiller Buycraft 4.7 - Buycraft Development Tea ChatManager 1.19.1 - t3hk0d3 Citizens 1.2 - fullwall, aPunch ClearLag 1.4 - bob7l ColoredSigns 1.2 - but2002 DeathTpPlus - 'Don Redhorse
  10. Made many dupe/glitch/lag fixes. Come on in and have fun and enjoy using those items =D!
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