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  1. Minecraft Name: VintajBetas Why you would like to join the community here at SilliTekkit: Because i want not to be griefed, while i sleep or away from my home, i want protection.. Not a single ban record on a single server. How long: 10-20 hours a week
  2. okay. ' It took me time, but now i've deleted the older versions. re-downloaded .JAR - nothing happened. will try re-installing java 7 x64(i have win7 64bit), reboot my computer and try again. Once again i have just a 1 sec java black screen, when i'm trying to run it. Updated the .NET, rebooted again, still nothing happens.
  3. Great ! I can't delete it from Programms and Components because of error 1723. "Error 1723. There is a problem with this Windows Installer package. A DLL required for this instal to complete could not be run. Contact your support personel or package vendor." what is this ??
  4. Ok, i uninstalled JDK. Using JRE 7 update 10, still got the java 6(should i delete that?) the only that it showed to me for 1 sec - was a little black screen, that's all. Looks like Java application. have no idea
  5. Yes, jdk 1.7 (update 10). Should I run just "java" or another file in "bin" folder ? No, it's russian (
  6. i apologise, my first language is not english. My point is - when i'm trying to run the .jar file with Java SE Platform - it does nothing
  7. i'm totally sorry but there's a little issue that any of my java and javaw .exe's just do nothing when i ask them to
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