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  1. Yes we have land marks and such but why not a MK2/MK3 quarry that takes less fuel and moves quicker? I wouldn't know how to craft one but it may be able to do it with IC2/buildcraft not sure with EE because of the major over haul.
  2. I also think that you might just want one or the other like just EU or EMC but nor both sorry if i said that it would be both... anti matter will be cool to be added and mk4's would be nice
  3. I think it would but lets at least condsider the anti matter?
  4. thats why i have irduim blocks too counter blance.. because irduim is so rare it would be super hard to even get one block..
  5. I would like to also add the Fusion Generator to tekkit. (no modding skills i can't do it) it will take to craft it 1 block of klien star omega (9 fully charged kilen star omgeas) and 8 klien omegas around it. then 4 blocks of iridum (9 irdium ores or plates not sure witch) in each cornor and the klien star block in the middle 2 anti matter (i'm also adding well not making but reqesting that it be made anti matter 3 red matter and 6 dark matter (like you make one red matter) also mk4 realays for EE i think. 1 anti matter with the mk3 underneath with glowstone blocks (made with 4 glowstone) around it. and for the last two spaces mk3 relays. (all the kilen omegas have to be fully charged or else you can't craft the Fusion Generator) The fusion Geneorator should produce a lot of EMC's and EU's a sec meaning you can power your house AND your energey condenser's, (yes i'm on the Tekkit forums maybe they can subbmit this to the makers of EE and such.) In theroy it could power 6 MFSU's or it could hold 1 Billon EU. So in order to craft it you need 4 blocks of irduim ore/plates 2 anti matter (next to the 4) that should be 6 up and down now the klien star block in the middle and 2 MK3 realys above that and below that EMC value not sure... EU/s = not sure maybe the modders have and idead on that. It may need to be a little less valueble but its fusion all you have to do it place it down and you can mine it with your bare hands and it won't break because I wouldn't want something that precious to be broken. (or pop out an advanced machince block) it maybe to over powered so it may need to ONLY produce EMC OR EU. The anti matter is for MK4 things like anti matter furnce and such and yes there is a major over haul in the next update but i doubt they have MK4's and if they do it may be because of this idea.
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    Hello I thought up this mod yet i have no experinece making any mods. its going to be another mod that adds space.... well at least other worlds that you could travel to. (you build a space craft and when you launch it loads a new world) I was thinking that you could even download new worlds too. This mod is going to have the tekkit pack in it with space Vehicles well we aren't travling in space you can build the space craft and it teleports you to another world. I think travling though space would be funny, dangerous and a lot of work on the modders part. Not sure how the animation and things go but spacecraft would be fun to do and on servers with other people would be really cool. It may break mods and have many glitchs/bugs.