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  1. Well, it's not an all the sudden crash, and also, it worked in a previous server that was hosted on another machine... it is a problem with the energynet i think
  2. Title: IC2 blocks cause client crash when moved with frames Version: 3.1.2 OS: Windows 7 Home premium 64bit Java Version: 7 Description of Problem: After about 10-20 moves of a small >150 frame ship that has 4 miners w/ pumps, cables, a couple solar panels, and a MFE battery, the clients (max observed was 2 clients, one of which was about 150 spaces from the ship) crashed to the dirt error screen with no error report, and then freeze to a solid white screen until the process is cancelled. Error Messages: 16:30:04 [iNFO] [iC2] [email protected] (1109,68,-88) was not ad ded, isInvalid=true, [email protected] 16:30:04 [iNFO] [iC2] [email protected] (1109,68,-96) was not added, isInvalid=true, [email protected] 16:30:04 [iNFO] [iC2] [email protected] (1109,68,-87) was not a dded, isInvalid=true, [email protected] 16:30:04 [iNFO] [iC2] [email protected] (1109,69,-88) was not added, isInvalid=true, [email protected] one error such as above for EACH IC2 item aboard the ship. Error Log: cannot/dont know how to get an error report from the client when it locks up how it does. I would gladly take instruction, or white list someone to help fix this
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