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  1. IGN: Hirix Age: 22 Project you plan to build: I have an idea I have been wanting recreate for a while, pretty much a large intricate underground Dwarven city of sorts. Will be made with fine detail and works when it is done and always wanted to get it onto a multiplayer server. Will be a huge project, possibly Being 251 x 251 x 21 if not more in size. Could do it all by hand and with out help, yes, but it will just take a while and it will get done at some point in time. When it is finished, I will even open it up to the public to view and live in, with it's large power generation system
  2. IGN: Hirix Age: 22 Country/Timezone: United States Tekkit Experience: Few months playing Reason for joining: I would like an EE enabled active server that is whitelisted to further deter griefers and even with same griefer protections. Tried many servers non-whitelisted servers and usually end up with my house gone the very next game Have you read the rules: Yes I have How long have you played tekkit: perhaps a year or so, give or take What you feel you can contribute: My own experience with the mods within the tekkit pack, and even my experience as an admin from previous servers so I m
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