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  1. force fields are taken off and new user groups were added, come on in and check them out
  2. I have added shops and iconomy to the server. player shops are available to buy in spawn, just talk to an admin or mod.
  3. [bFT] is a 10 year old multigaming community that welcomes mature players of all ages for almost all games, and this is our Minecraft server. Server IP: Website: www.bftclan.net Up-time : 24/7 (unless there is maintenance) Removed Mods : Equivilant Exchange Blacklisted / Banned Items : Nuke, Mining Laser, Blackhole Chest, Chunkloader, Forcefield Teamspeak: The Castle Our Plugins: Our plugins are always a work in progress, we are still trying to find a good happy medium with them. Let us know what you think. Currently Installed: McBans LWC Essentials LogBlock Multihome WorldGuard iConomy Chest Shop Vault Plugins Being Considered: MCMMO Residence Zyxn's House The Rules: NO GREIFING Ensure your quarries and machines are turned off at night Do not spam chat Read all the signs in the spawn house and check them occasionally Do not advertise other servers on this server We do NOT replace items lost at death or in lava Do NOT ask for Mod, Admin, or OP There is a certain way to leave our spawn house make sure you read the signs Have Fun and tell your friends Our Player Groups: New: This is your basic group for everyone who joins the server. This group is limited to one home that you can set anywhere you like (within reason), all regular equipment and items in the Tekkit Pack. Regulars: This group is for people who are seen on the server very often. People know these players around the servers and the admins recognized these players as trustworthy. Players in this group have access to 3 custom homes on top of the standard home. This group is also allowed to have one world guard set up for them by an admin. [bFT]: This group is for people who are members of [bFT]. People in this group have to register on our website, fill out a membership application, and show they are active with the community by posting on the forums and being in Teamspeak and being social. There are no home or TP cooldowns or warmups for this group, members can also create their own worldguards. VIP: This group is for players who have donated to the server. Players in this group have the same things as the Regulars as well as access to a few commands. Players can use /hat /powertool /jumpto /heal and bypass the /spawn and /home cooldowns and warmups. Moderator: This group is your first line administrator, usually a dedicated member of the BFT community. Moderators are able to handle greifing incidents and are able to jail and mute players caught greifing. Moderators make formal reports of greifing incidents on the BFT forums for the admins to follow up on. Admin: This group is your lead administrator, who has been with BFT for over a year and is active in the server. Currently your three admins are 1zero2, Darkur, and Frostbyte90. These three are the people you will see in the server dealing with problems that arise. They can kick and ban, you know normal admin things. However, we do NOT use the OP role in our server and none of the admins can spawn items or set gamemodes. Owner: This is me IJPOOI, I own and manage the server. I look forward to seeing you on the server. About The Server: We currently have a small player base but plenty of room to accommodate more players. We currently have three main admins who manage the server and keep it a fun place to play. We also use McBans which allows us to be on the watch for the proverbial greifer. Anyone caught greifing in our server is jailed first, all their items removed from their chests and inventory, their house broken down, and everything they have done in the past 2 weeks rolled back. Then they are permanently banned from the server and if it is warranted globally banned on McBans. The owner and admins have been running the BFT server since it was run off of one of their home computers and have come up with effective ways to deal with less than desirable players on the server to keep your time on our server more enjoyable. There is no spawning of items for use outside of spawn allowed in our server. Everything done at peoples house is done legitimately. Every week the items taken from greifers that did not belong to someone else are given back to the community. We have drop parties in spawn and its for what ever you can grab that falls from the ceiling. We hope to see you in the server