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  1. I got some bad news all Well, basicly i found out that, some people have done something that wasnt supposed to happen, and now, the area they live in is a crash zone. I have had to explain it to them, and ban them for safety reasons. (I know them IRL) Also, more bad news, the server will probably be shutting down. I know, i know, but, here are my reasons(Listed in imprtance order): -The computer cant handle the server. This is due to the amont of players, due to the (suprising) amount of popularity this server has gotten (Thank you all so much!), it seems to actually damage the computer, and the laptop just doesnt have enough power to handle this. -Crashes and Bugs. This is mostly due to something bug happening, and the server being unable to proccess it, the same thing happened as what i now call the ''MC-6 Incident'', which is an unsolved case of what is either: A nuclear reactor meltdown Or Quarry overload. No matter, the chunk cant be entered without the server crashing. -Im sort of busy . I am 2 grades ahead in school, and my classmates are behind (Im 6th grade and they are 8th grade (Well i am 8th grade now too i guess...)), out teacher is pushing us alot, and we get loads of paper and homework, this kind of stresses me, and that is the cause of: Me being lazy -Lazyness. I dont know why this is happening, but i just done feel like running this server anymore, since it was planning to just be a one week server, i am suprised it got this far, but, i guess i am not the guy to run big public servers But in the end! I thank you all, i have had a AWESOME time running this server, and its all thanks all of you! I am sorry to say goodbye but this is just how it has to be. Maybe, you can contact me over skype (thesvensonguy) and get a chance to play privately with me and my friends (If you really liked playing here of course) Also i thank Soer553b, for being my stealth moderator, and helping me on my way in the actual server (We lived in the same house) So thank you all, its been a great ride! -The admin
  2. Currently running a server! :D

  3. Dialiss, you are on. benheat1, you are on. Wofles. you are on, is your name without or with ''.'' Zackman, you need to provide me with your username, not email. Stix258, you are on. Varulv777, you are on. inventor314, you are on, as well as your brother. Super7Mario, you are on. maxman980, you are on. mooy26, you are on. Sorry, i dont check this thread very often.
  4. mick_jagger_151, you are on a trial, please watch your spelling while on the server toadrocks619, you are on, please watch your grammar and/or spelling on the server tho. Xpro, you are on. vragiovan, you are on. MxRacer100, you are on. blue_sky_900, you are on. Sorry for no whitelisting and/or server downtime recently, i had alot to do, and recently got sick, still am. But to say sorry, there will be extra uptime today, due to me having tostay home due to some fever. -The Admin
  5. Just FYI, the next two days the server will be down because of me needing the server PC for other things. -The Admin
  6. kennysmith1234, you are on. strikerjd1, you are on. jjthesuper, you are on. JDelphike, you are on
  7. Everything should be back to normal now, ip and everything, however, the server had a spasm so have fun starting anew, im sorry tho -The Admin
  8. OK ANNOUNCEMENT: This weekend the server will be offline due to the fact that i am using a different router than usual because my dad is hosting a LAN party. Also. I am so sorry. I moved the server again, and the server glitched out and decided to roll back. (That was before i moved it) I moved it because a dynamic IP is gonna be a pain in the ass. Please message me for all and any concerns. -The Admin
  9. IMPORTANT NEWS: The new PC i run the server on has a dynamic IP address, that means it changes every day. So remember to check the IP address every day at the top of the thread! -The Admin
  10. Quantum_Salad you are on! spensie you are on, how you seemed to have a little weird thing on your app. Arrowclaw you are on. amokid you are on.