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  1. Hey Idk why but every 2 minutes i log off and it says Internal exception: java.net.socketexeption: Connection reset
  2. Ummmmm The chest is LOCKED so i kinda cant open it Btw Where do i go to see the donate packages and stuff
  3. Omfg!!!! I was playing on the server creating machines and i wanted to move my Power flower and i broke it all with my RM pick and i didnt pick it up!! It wasn't There!!!! i tried relogging but it still want there!!!! I lost 13 Mk3 collectors 5 Mk3 Relays A condenser and 2 stacks Of Dm ( Dm was inside the condenser when i broke it ) Can i please have my items back!!! Please! IGN xX_SuperAlex_Xx
  4. Hey LaFesta My little Bros want to join a real good server. I was wondering if they could join this one and play with me. They are 12 But ill make sure they know the rules and If they break one well...... They Gonna get an Ass Woopin! My user name xX_SuperAlex_Xx My little brothers account name Are : PattyBurger and hamoosh and aeaeaer They are Triplets P.S That kind of sucks Thx i hope they can join!!!!
  5. IGN: xX_SuperAlex_Xx Age: 14 Country/Timezone: Australia Tekkit Experience: ??? Alot Reason for joining: I need a good tekkit server to play on. I used to play on one but that got shut up So please accept me! Have you read the rules: Yes How long have you played tekkit: 6 months What you feel you can contribute: I can help others with their tekkit axperiances and if I everreceive staff i will be able to help them Even More!!! Time you can contribute to the server: 3-6 Hours a day
  6. I will be an admin on your server. Im great at setting up servers Thx
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