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  1. Yeah, is there anyway we can have the server restored to a previous date? I'd rather lose a weeks worth than everything!
  2. Will we be given some items back - as obviously it takes some time to accumulate all the belongings.
  3. the server is down? Is there any reason for this? Just interested and want to get back on. Any time frame that can be posted? Thanks
  4. Festa, whats happened to the server, its become too laggy at the moment to actually play on - not sure whether this is down to the amount of users or just a bad chunk. Also My friend and I have both had our chests emptied - I have lost 3 stacks of dark matter and a stack of red - not sure what my friend has. The only thing he could tell me was that he had a chest in his house that was made by Candy107 and had items being pumped into it from his own chests. Now I know it doesn't sound like a lot but its more the principle that this server is supposed to be a peaceful and friendly one. Oh and the spawn looks like its been nuked...Not sure what happened there. Can you please reply asap. Thank you.
  5. A friend watched me play and asked to join IGN:FrostyFreak Age:16 Country/Timezone: Engalnd, GMT Tekkit Experience:Fair amount Reason for joining:Enjoys playing with others Have you read the rules:yes! How long have you played tekkit:Around 6 months What you feel you can contribute:Being a man servant Time you can contribute to the server:Around 8 hours a week
  6. IGN: ParabolPaulo Age: 20 Country/Timezone: England/GMT Tekkit Experience: Fairly experienced Reason for joining: Got bored of holding my own server (users were difficult) so found one to join Have you read the rules: Most definitely How long have you played tekkit: Around a year What you feel you can contribute: Assistance and English humour Time you can contribute to the server: Varies from 30 mins a day to hours :D
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