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  1. Thanks for the help.Pfft I know all about config file and so on.Been playing minecraft since 1.7 Beta Just stopped playing somewhere around 1.3
  2. To make things short I didnt play minecraft for a long while. I just spawned in a new world and got some wood.Before I know it its night time and I make a little cave and start mining cobble stone.I go out in the morning and theres this perfectly normal looking skeleton with a golden helmet on it.I kill it after taking a few hits and suddenly I'm on fire.I run back to my cave and check for potion statuses in my inventory and I see myself as a SKELETON....And I am basically like wtf happened at this point. Any way to revert this?I go on fire every time I go into sunlight and its pretty annoying...
  3. MC Name: Patryk1616 Age: 14 I didn't play minecraft for ages, just checked in now and then to test the new features.I'm normally a friendly kind of person.Usually my goal on a server is to get a town/faction and for some reason make a town made out of skyscapers (like all the way up to the sky limit).But that's just me.
  4. White-List Application Name: Minecraft username? Patryk1616 Age:13 What do you wish to accomplish?:Join a town make a factory,Get enough money later on to make my own town. Have you played IC2 or buildcraft?:Yes.I run out of memory on a normal basis. what is the purpose of a macerator?To get double amount of ores and make dusts and powder like grim powder. Recommendations(if you been invited):Nope,I was just looking for a good looking server and this one looked quite good Others things i should know:I played technic since 1.6,I used to have a server with a friend usualy 15people at a time but it closed down since my friends computer was overheating from hosting the server.Im quite a good builder,I can make good skin.Fav color is green.And P is for PkGamer,M is for minecraft, T is for Technic and Tekkit. Also I was looking for a appocalypse kindof server,and this is the best thing I saw so far.
  5. Technic crashed, surfing forums.