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  1. Does Optifine work with Mac? I'll primarily be using a windows machine to play, but I do have Tekkit installed on my mac as well, and having a nice texture pack would be lovely, even if my screen is a bit dark. :/
  2. I was actually on their support forum, and there were so many mentions of Tekkit that it got confusing. Most of what I found are still incomplete. I do believe that I found one here that is complete.
  3. Thanks for that, Andrew and Zicamox. Will be installing soon, hopefully.
  4. I plan on using this setup in my in progress map And power would be coming from a nuclear reactor. I also plan on having multiple quarrys. Should I stay witht he MFSU to Energy link setup, or go all the way down to the batbox before sending off the power remotely? I also noticed while testing this setup that even after turning off the power the quarry still ran, so does it store energy as well?
  5. My apologies for the hostility. I was annoyed that it was suggested that I use something that I clearly didn't want to use. As stated before, if I can't manage installation, I have someone who can help me, so that's not a problem. On their site, there is a patch that says IC2 Mod under the list of patches, so obviously I need that one. Either way, this thread can be closed now cause I found what I needed elsewhere.
  6. Neither of these posts help me... Perhaps I should explain better. I understand that there are pack patches listed on the site, as well as installation instructions. I do know how to read and follow instructions, and if al else fails, I have someone who can help me install these things. Because there are so many different mods in Tekkit, not just Industrial Crafts (which IS a listed patch on the BDCraft site) but other mods as well. My concern is that I wont have the required textures for each mod that come with Tekkit. I don't know every single mod that comes with Tekkit however, so one, I need a list of the mods, or directions to where I can find them, and two, where I can find all the patches for the BDCraft pack for said mods so I dont have mismatched textures. Because I don't wanna effin use John Smith. If I wanted to, this thread would be about finding the proper patches for John Smith as opposed to Sphax. So next time, don't offer something to me unless I ask for suggestions, cause I clearly stated that I found the texture pack that I want to use.
  7. Hey, so I want a texture pack for Tekkit, and I already know how to install one for vanilla minecraft, and I found a pack that I like. Now, since there are a bunch of mods in Tekkit aleady, what patches do I need to make sure I have in order to not have missing textures or mismatched textures? I'm looking at the PureBDCraft pack and I use both Mac and Windows (if that matters).
  8. See if you can get power using teleport pipes. MFSU > Energy Link > Wooden Conductive Pipe > Power Teleport pipe Quarry > Wooden Conductive Pipe > Power Teleport Pipe (can recieve: true)
  9. Here's my current setup. (Instead of dirt blocks, I have covers and stacked corner blocks to have a thick lamp column thing, as seen in one of my previous posts in this thread) Light sensor > Insulated wire > Not Gate > Insulate Wire > Wireless Redstone Transmitter Wireless Redstone Reciever > Insulated Wire > Lamps I had to fiddle around with the not gate a lot, and I set the light sensor to is smallest setting so that it had to be full on day time to detect light and turn off the lights. As you can see, it's raining and the lamps are turned on, so the only time they are off is when it's full on day time. I liked having the wireless transmitter/receiver setup cause it would minimize wiring under the ground (which I want to save for another part of this project. I tested this same design out with the jacketed wire as opposed to the covers, partial blocks and insulated wire. It works just fine.
  10. Thanks for that, I wasn't sure how to make it do that. :)
  11. Ahh, nice one! Thank you for clarifying. I wasn't aware that you could connect normal wire to the jacketed wire. Fiddled around and got it to work. I didn't want to keep asking noobish questions. I definitely like the single post look a whole lot better if I'm going to be doing many lamps along a road for example, but I will most likely keep the large ones that I came up with for larger spaces like a town square of sorts.
  12. theprolo, when you say "replace the support, could you elaborate? I'm not picturing what you're saying very well, but I tried building up with the insulated wire, but I'm not able to. My game might just be glitching if the physics SHOULD be letting me do it. As of right now, this is what I have set up. There is just one, so the design can change. I'm using cobblestone covers and wood corner blocks, and running inside is cable, two blocks down, there's a wireless receiver set up and the light sensor is sitting on the roof of my sorting facility (seen in the bottom right quadrant of the minimap).
  13. So after much fiddling with the mot gate and settings of the light sensor, I got it working, and with a wireless transmitter as well. Thank you for the help! :D
  14. Can you set them to send a signal out when there is no light, or would it serve the same function as using a solar panel as a switch?
  15. I do believe it's the redpower mod (not 100% sure if this is the name of the mod) but the pump and grate (fluid pipe is what you would need to use to move the oil/water) would do what you needed, though I don't know if there is a way to automatically switch between separate ponds.