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  1. Name: Joshua Username: Moralous Age: 15 What are you looking for in a Tekkit Legends server?: A small, relatively new server with close to no unbanned items where I can stream in peace.
  2. Try using an EV consumer. Works for me.
  3. Down for Migration Will be up after Christmas.(Hopefully) Happy Holidays. Hello and welcome back to... TechnoCraft | Reloaded It's here. It's bigger. It's better. It's just the same as it used to be. Whale come back to TechnoCraft guys! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For those of you who did not enjoy the great experience that was TechnoCraft, it's basically a non-profit server with very few plugins, apart from Factions, Essentials etc. that was started about a week ago. However, the owners did not hav
  4. Basically, I've seen a lot of OpenPeripherals from my time on Tekkit, and I'd love to see it implemented into Tekkit Legends. It'd really help with some cool stuff I've been setting up, as it basically allows custom GUIs (among other things). What I'm trying to do is set up a button which you press to request access to my base, so I can open the door from far away, and set up warning systems around critical areas of my base using pressure plates. I could kind of do this with a Pocket Computer, but openPeripherals would be so much easier and more practical. I also love the peripherals it gives
  5. BritishBiscuit Been Tekkit'ing since Technic Been Minecraft'ing since before pistons
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