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  1. Hey guys, i'm looking for a new server hoster as right now with 3gb ram and an amd opteron 6128 it starts to lag when building quite some machines,large logistic systems, factories and stuff. (~ 6 players) What do i have to look for? Better CPU or more RAM? Which CPU is more powerful i7 or xeon? (some hosters offer i7's other xeon cpus) Thanks for any advise.
  2. It is pretty simple. If they decide to do everything completely for free, it is their decision. No one forced them to a) do it do it for free. So there is no "you are doing nothing for us" as they could have decided to charge for it/set anything as a requirement or whatever, but they did not. So what is the point what we users do for them? We spread their work, we make it popular. Due to our feedback they get motivation to continue. If no one would use it, why continue with something? Without a big user base, something that is free to use, is just nothing. Best example Linux. There has always been contact with the end users, ratings/votings/feedback to improve the product. Would have linux been succesful if they would have said "you don't do anything for us, so you are not entitled to anything? haha sure not. Again, don't get me wrong, i am neither complaining about tekkit lite nor demanding a new version or anything. All i don't understand or i would like to understand is, why (if it is even true) they now drop tekkit lite again, which, and that is what i am saying all the time, is bad, as a lot of people previously had to drop maps/mods/players whatever to change to it.
  3. Where am i ignoring arguments? I never saw one single argument or reason, why tekkit lite is not going to be supported anymore. Also i only did "complain" about the way, that it would be crap to stop it "directly" after it has been launched. With no single word i said that the work they do is bullshit or anything. I like it and i am glad they put all the stuff together. Just because something is free, doesn't meen you are not allowed to express criticism. I mean i didn't flame like a little kid throwing bad words at the devs or anything, i just said, it is bad if we server owners now would have to see where we end up, possibly having to change the mod pack again, losing mods/maps/player whatever. Well if they decide to stop, what is their good right at any point, we would have to move on, wouldn't we?
  4. Are you seriously too stupid to bring some arguments? How old are you 12 and aren't able to discuss?
  5. You're too stupid to read everything or bring reasonable arguments? Well then STFU.
  6. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression, so if you aren't entitled to anything, bad for you, i am. If they make a nice product or introduce something new, but keep supporting it, well, i will be the first buying it. Where is the sense in creating a new pack, advice it as the holy glory grail, a lot of people switch over too it, wipe the maps or whatever and then drop the support? That just sux. So now what? Go back to regular Tekkit again? Then they should have stated at the beginning "This is just a test. This won't be supported for a long time" or something. "we give a fuck about what you think attidude, don't dare to criticize us" has never worked for a long time. (beside korea)
  7. Tekkit team is ridiculous. So now we have to switch our servers again, propably crash maps due to mod incompatibility, to "old" tekkit to be able to have actual mc versions again???? and in a few months they decide to make another pack, shit on the regular tekkit again and name it "tekkit ultra" or whatever. Until a lot of people switched again ... and then they decide to go back and update an older pack again. What a crap.
  8. check the bdcraft.net website, if there isn't a new version, nobody here will have one right?!!
  9. Client installation: - Download and install Render Player API pack (open your minecraft.jar and copy all files from the zip into it, make a backup first!!) - Download and install Galacticraft Mod (goes into mod folder) Server installation: - Download and install Player API (open your "tekkit.jar" "tekkit_server.jar" or however you named it, and copy all the files from the archive into the server jar, don't forget to backup first!!) - Start the server and stop it again - Download and install Galacticraft Mod (for me there where problems with item id's and i had to completely change all the Galacticraft item id's) Important advice As the 1.4.7 version is an early alpha version, i definitely do not recommend its installation! You get game crashes, bugs and all that stuff so it is highly recommended to wait for tekkit lite being updated to 1.5.x. I have it running on my 1.4.7 tekkit lite server and i can't even launch a rocket or whatever.
  10. 1. Do you know Obama yourself? You think he is a great man based on what, the media? If so, you probably should start at the beginning and learn who makes media and who controls them. 2. Cheap Shot was interested in this. I said "okay i can collect that stuff together, tell me where to create the thread" and he pointed me to this category 3. The constitution, well at least in my country, allows me to represent my mind
  11. Well, i'm not saying "everyone that does not agree is stupid". But i do say that people who just call everything bullshit before ever spending 1 minute with getting information are stupid. I like discussing with arguments and if people reply with stupid rage answers it doesn't lead anywhere. Your argument with the republican is good, but even this isn't a prove that it can't be true. In fact, that people like trump (who could actually just give a fuck) enter the stage and even offer millions of dollars just to clarify this are rejected. You can find every single bullshit about other politicians, previous presidents or whoever but not of obama. http://www.conservativenewsandviews.com/2012/04/10/constitution/obama-eligibility-nj-alj-ducks-issues/
  12. Well, i could talk the same retarded way as you with all this "stfu" "gtfo" bullshit but hey i can articulate. www.scribd.com/doc/83682940
  13. @Cheap Shot you see? Even if you ask the people to reply with arguments the stupidity and bigotry is too large. They can't even manage to describe why they disagree.... like neanderthal man or whatever. Poor humanity......poor humanity.
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