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  1. The server is up again, the new IP is:
  2. Seriously? -.- Do you like only read the parts you want to hear? The old server will be whitelisted so no one can join and the new server = new IP will be a copy of the old one.
  3. Don't worry, it's just Hack/Mine which is very buggy and unstable (remember it's still in alpha!) You will find the new IP here, on planetminecraft and in the server message. (The server will be whitelisted so everyone can join the new server and play on like there was nothing) - mihecraft :)
  4. WE ARE BACK IP: Welcome on Elitecraft, a Hack/Mine Server After a long absence we are eventually back. New server, new IP, more fun . >>We could use a 'good' server video, please visit the forum for more details. We are running the build v0.6.4. We'd really love to see you on our server ! >>Helpful information: Forum: not available at the moment INSTALLATION: SEE OUR PLANETMINECRAFT POST FOR PICTURES Elitecraft on planetminecraft Get the mod here: http://www.technicpack.net/download 1. Download the launcher for your
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