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  1. I recently moved host, so we should hopefully have no more random downtime. Come check the server out.
  2. We actually had the PokeCycles mod, but due to people breaking out the map, I had to disable it. As for the boats though, I like that idea.
  3. ================================================== Server Information ======================================================================= My server hosts a very special Kanto re-creation map with the Pixelmon Mod implemented. Now you have a chance to explore Kanto in a 3D perspective. =================================================== **This server requires a Modpack that is downloadable via the Technic Launcher. Click the link below to be taken to the platform page.** All the information regarding the server I.P can be found here; Please note that your Minecraft client may crash when you first join the server. This is a known bug. Just restart your Minecraft client. It should work perfectly the second time you join. =================================================== This server has a few nice features to help you along on your journey; Custom spawns, identical to the FireRed spawns.All the NPCs and traders from FireRed dotted around the map.All 8 working gyms, each with their own NPCs.A fully working economy so you can buy all the Pokeballs and potions that you need.The Celadon Game Corner is also implemented into the map, with the help of a Casino Bukkit plugin.=================================================== Server I.P -