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  1. So I was experimenting with different cool looking items in game in my home that i built. So i was teleporting using the Rift Blade and black smoke appeared. I thought this was just for detail and continued experimenting i gave myself the tutorial books and read them. Whilst reading i looked up form the book to see my house ravaged and partially destroyed. I thought to myself that is couldn't have been an explosion cause i would have heard it. So i countiued investigating when one of my chest spontaneously disappeared and the item in it flew to my but did not go into my inventory. At that moment i closed Hexxit out of fear of possible Herobrine attacks and did not lauch until the next day. Then i came back on and rebuilt my house to see blocks disappear from it silently and randomly.
  2. Dude, just use industrial credits from industial craft and disable(or change) their crafting