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  1. Launcher Version: Platform Build 203 Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium (More on system in error log) Java Version: Java 7, Update Antivirus Program: AVG Description of Problem: Whenever I try and use this (http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/custom-village) modpack, made by me, a error pops up, "Unexpected Error!" and then has the option to close the launcher, or generate it on pastebin. Error Messages: Unexpected Error! Error Log: (I think this is it) Technic Launcher Error Report: ( Please submit this report to https://github.com/Techn
  2. You start a converstation on a person's profile.
  3. Everyone, please PM me asking to join! I can't say my server IP and stuff here, in fear of griefers.
  4. The server is "full", meaning there are to many people PMing me, but, later on I may accept more people in, you see, I'm not used to watching over loads of people on a server... Nothing personal or anything! If I get a fair amount of PMs, I'll open another Voltz server, (with a little less RAM allocated) and have it open to 20 people at a time. But for now, I can't take any more people into my main server. Sorry. I got a Voltz MP Server with three extra mods, TrainCraft, Flan's Mod, and Animal Bikes Mod. I use a Custom Zip URL to get the mods to clients, and I mod the server myself. It's
  5. Oh okay, sorry, I'm not good at finding the right sections for posting about stuff.. Thanks for letting me know! And cool about how my post makes ya want to get on my server... Do you want to come now?
  6. [READ THE WHOLE POST!] I got a Voltz MP Server with three extra mods, TrainCraft, Flan's Mod, and Animal Bikes Mod. I use a Custom Zip URL to get the mods to clients, and I mod the server myself. It's been lonely a lot, because my friend hasn't been getting on. I was wondering if anyone wants to join? You WILL have to PM me, if I post the IP and Custom Zip URL here, in a reply or on the thread, some troll will come on and screw up the main reactor, or something. Some things you should know: 1: You WONT be oped as soon as you join for obvious reasons... 2: You WILL NOT be allowed
  7. Did that sort of once. A griefer had been joining our server every now and then, so we used the camo blocks, set them stuff goes threw, made them grass blocks, basically did what you did, and we launched it when he joined. Missile flew threw and hit him. He was like "GUYS WHAT WAS THAT FOR? UGH THIS IS THE WORST SERVER EVER, OH AND BTW I WAS GRIEFING." We laughed so hard... Also, good idea, never thought of that. I also have been messing with the new custom zip support and stuff... We now have Flan's Mod with... Three-Five content packs, and the Animal Bikes mod. But, my friend hasn't been
  8. 1: I just kinda wanted ideas, and/or to chat... 2: Sorry if in wrong forum, but I doubt I am... OKAY! I recently made a custom ZIP that has TrainCraft in it, and I put it on my Voltz server, where me and my friend have made this amazing reactor, made a shield generator for it, gave it a defense system, and flat out decked it out. Now, with TrainCraft, we can transport items either air-wise with the zeppelin it adds, make a underground railway to transport the items needed to run the reactor, but it would need a person to "pilot" it. I know it is sort-of possible to do this with railcraf
  9. (The Error Log is in Dropbox, that's why I put the dropbox link) BIG TIME EDIT: I THINK I DERPED! I DIDN'T DO MY USUAL READ-OF-THE-ERROR-LOG BEFORE SUBMITTING!! I FOUND THAT THE ITEM ID'S ARE CONFLICTING, LET ME CHANGE IT UP, AND THEN I'LL EDIT BACK TO SEE IF IT FIXES! BIG TIME EDIT #2: Yea, I did derp. I just had to change the ID's. Really sorry, I should have looked first. If a moderator could lock this, and/or delete it, that would be great!! Thanks!!
  10. Launcher Version: Operating System: Windows 7 Home Premium Java Version: Java 7, update 11 Antivirus Program: AVG Description of Problem: I put the Custom Zip I put together like I did my first one when testing, and when I tried to load it up, it goes to the MOJANG screen the normal amount of time, then it goes to the crash screen. Error Messages: Error Log: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/102020907/crash-2013-01-18_12.04.46-client.txt
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