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  1. Every time I go into the nether I get a massive FPS drop and every time I leave the nether the game runs out of memory. Intel Core i3-2330M 2.20GHz CPU Nvidia GT540M 2GB GPU 8GB 2333 MHz DDR3 RAM
  2. IMO Gem Armor shouldn't be in tekkit, makes it really boring. Also Nano suit and Quantum armor should be nerfed to some extent. i.e Nano armor should only be able to resist a Creeper blast to half your total health. Quantum armor should shield you from Creepers to 2 hearts. Also the game needs a rail gun to be able to kill people in quantum armor or some EMP weapon to disable the suit power for a limited amount of time. In EE in general everything turns kinda boring end-game, tools should only go up to the strength of DM tools. Id rather have more powerful IC drills or something. Tekkit coul
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