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  1. i think i know what to do: open "terminal" (search for it in finder) type in terminal: chmod a+x <insert location of launch.command here> then press enter and try running launch.command now
  2. thanx! now i can try making a locker system with loads of computers and redstone inputs! like those lockers you see at local swinming pools! :P
  3. try reinstalling ur sphaxpurendcraft texture pack or try a higher/lower resolution
  4. that would be unlogic as heck :facepalm: this guy needs a diamond becuz he cant find one you can only get obsidian with a DIAMOND pick or higher its pretty unlogic wont u think?
  5. i only know basic things of CC so far i know how to make a Password protected door first asking your ID then your password i know how to use disk drives/floppy disks and i know about the worst program: the "hello world" program BTW what i also wanna know: is there a way that a computer runs a program or something when it recieves a redstone pulse?
  6. i need to say this to you: according to the wiki article on netherores: they can crash ur server ._. so i'd recommend to not install them
  7. there is a file where all the mods for tekkit are listed in .jar files delete: netherores.jar and then restart the server, now it should work the IP: its recommended to download and install logmeinhamachi then make ur own hamachi group and people can use the IP listed on ur hamachi window also you can use start.command too instead of launch.command ._. just saying hope it helps :P
  8. name where? in the window when holding TAB or on the terminal window of the server?
  9. its included in the essentials plugin http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/essentials/ plus you of course have to make a new text file and write in: #!/bin/bash cd "$(dirname "$0")" exec java -Xmx1G -Xms1G -jar tekkit.jar then select: convert to plain text then save it as: start.command then open terminal and type in: chmod a+x then use spacebar after the a+x and drag the start.command file into the terminal window,press enter and run start.command have fun :P
  10. if its powered by a redstone signal they will not move are you sure you did not send a redstone pulse to any side of he sequencer?
  11. this double post was accidentally if someone of the staff would be so kind to delete the shorter post and this post ill be very thankful
  12. these are the goals you can work on: make a sorting system with 50 cateorogies (redpower) mass-produce 75 different items make 5 giant factories make a 64X64 quarry dig to bedrock get 10 full MFSU's make 20 HV solar arrays make a conveyor belt with frame motors and chests get all EE2 rings/amulets get a gem armor+quantum armor go to the end and kill the ender dragon (too classic) make a giant dept store recreate the industrial revolution inhabit a stronghold and stuff it up with machines good luck :P
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