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  1. the server is now under new management and i shall be getting rid of all the old staff. we will also now need a new co_owner so if your interested talk to me in game or apply on here.
  2. Hey Michael

    My and my premades are not on Whitelist on your server, and we love your server. We had a lot of things and maschines in your server and we will like to play on your server. !

    - our minecraft name is: xRandomvideos - Megagtafreak - Benjamin1313 - Far984

    Have a nice day michael and sry my english

  3. If you have been banned and want to join back please appeal at our website. http://multi-stream.enjin.com/
  4. sure will do and luke is now banned he descided to blow up our old spawn. :/
  5. can u whitelist me for your server the name is hunttheawsome and cpuld u do the same so stanleydunn cause we have been playing an your vimtocraft server for a few days and have really enjoyed it but we could not paly on our favorite server today because we need to be whitelisted. but if it is cause it is under repair then its fine but I would be greatfull if u could whitelist us

  6. i am starting a new server with n 8gb ram with alot of slots once we got lots people joining i will be recruiting more staff
  7. im sorry that this is happened you should have created a ticket in game and a staff member would have rolled it back for you.
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