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  1. Hm, i don't know i'll try to put the other world up tomorrow, to lazy right now :)
  2. Used the old server jar one min... have to switch to the newest update.
  3. Its up, doing things like testing ping, no-ip.
  4. I'll be looking forward of putting the server up! About 5-10mins it will be up, I have been busy with Christmas (Family and what not) sorry for the large downtime! (1 or 2 weeks)
  5. I think it's time to update the server! This might fix the errors. Here are some Q's and A's. - Will the map reset? Maybe, but 90% chance it won't reset it's not a major update. - What will it bring? Read the change log in the main tekkit website - Downtime? If any? Yeah, this weekend it will be down, sorry for the inconvenience. - Will this fix the random "Communication error", that has happened to the server? Yeah, most likely, as it will update red-power which seems to be the source of this problem. --------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. OooOoh. I like that avatar/skin, I'll try over the weekend, but when i launch it the console comes up with some errors and then runs perfectly so... Hmmmm P.s Forgot to rank you up in game your V.i.p, also i'm sure the server shall be easy to fix
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