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  1. Golden chocobos are fantastic for traveling long distances, but you may experience heavy lag while moving at such speeds while loading entirely new chunks. Especially if those chunks have a ton of dungeons and such. While flying into a new tundra, I hit a spot hit two giant walker castles next to each other and lagged out for a full minute or in mid air until they finished loading up. Afterwards I could fly through with no issues, so just take it slow when exploring new chunks.
  2. My machine seams to handle hexxit just fine, but when I'm loading new chunks it comes to a crawl. Especially if I'm flying on my golden chocobo. I sometimes fly out and expand my map radius in a scouting run before I actually set out to explore an area. That way I can delag the area and not have to worry about new chunks coming into loading range while I'm exploring a dangerous new ruins or something.
  3. Been there, tried that. Here's a few tasty snippets from mod homepages/forums: Natura/Tinker's Construct doesn't have any information about the bows they added at all. Hexxit Armor site states that it has unique armors with awesome set bonuses never seen before in minecraft. Yet no clarification on what that even means. Better Dungeons main forum page shows the crafting recipe for magic staffs, doesn't explain what they do. Shows tiny icons of boss drop weapons with no explanation. That Scythe mod's forum page is filled with broken pictures and it's impossible to decyfer how to use the mod. Chocobo mod's forum page has no information about the chocobo disguise armor. Falling Meteors mod explains that the meteorite armor is equal to diamond but with less durability, but doesn't explain if freezarite and kekronite are the same.
  4. So far I've enjoyed playing Hexxit quite a lot, it's a nice change of pace from the tech heavy mod packs which are so prevalent lately. The problem I'm having though is that there is no clear definition of gear tiers. In vanilla the progression of armor is leather<gold<iron<diamond, but now there's fur, scale, metal plated scale, chocobo disguise armor, cloth armor, multiple meteor armors, at least 4 different twilight forest armor sets, 3 different Hexxit special armor sets, and more. Many of these mods add armor and weapons to the game without any information about how they stack up to other armors. Do a NEI search for "bow" and you'll find that there's at least 10 different bows to use now. Perhaps it's obvious that iron bows would be better than vanilla wooden ones, but where do nether material bows stack up against diamond ones? Is an ender sword dropped by a boss of a better dungeons castle better than a diamond sword? What exactly are the set bonuses of the Hexxit armors? How about the new enchants available? Can anyone tell me what the best equipment is?
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