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  1. on the command prompt part, when i type in ipconfig, it does not show anything, and says it does not work
  2. Well i tried to get a freind to join the server, but it constantly repeatedly saying it was not reachable, i gave him the ip, the one i got from searching google(66.205.209.XX)
  3. thankyou for letting me waste your time, everthing is under my rule!
  4. Well im trying to set the server up for some local friends that were interested in what i was doing A toshiba
  5. thankyou so much for all of this
  6. So I have everything downloaded, and the server works, but I cannot find the Ip address of my own server... I am new to server setup, and this is my first server. I just need some assistance!
  7. Just out of Curiosity, what does the Blunderbuss fire?
  8. how does one change this, I got a software program that is supposed to do the trick. All it can do is find, what do you use, and how do you change this.
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