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  1. so i am running a small Hexxit server and have noticed that dungeons are randomly spawning in places i have already been (mainly noticed this do to 5 of the showing up by the player town) i was wondering if there are either, 1) a way to turn this off or 2) any safeguards to keep it from spawning one in one of the player made buildings?
  2. i am running a small tekkit lite (5.7) server for my friends and myself and over the last few days i have ran into a bunch of problems that i cant seems to fix on my own. was wondering if others have these problems or know how to fix them. lag is a high problem on my mind but i have a semi handle on it and short of buying a new CPU cant fix that. something thats happened lately is the info panels used for the reactors are not updating at all (have to take the location card out for it to update and sometimes not even then) also i keep getting an error from ic2 "[iC2] energynet.emitenergyfrom: ic2.[email protected]434b6f24 is not added to theenet" dose anyone know what that one means or how to handle it. also is there a way to limit the max flying speed? a few of my players have made "glide suits" out of the power armor, and they can travel at about 10 chunks per second at max speed, this really bogs down the server. thank you for you time
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    its allready handled, permissionsex just did not like some of the plugins i have, so i axed it and got another permission plugin
  4. Jyn


    fixxed, permissionsex did not work with the other plugins
  5. yes there will be, I'm still working on the how of some of this as i might have to use spawners to handled them, but if i can just spawn a few with eggs and get them to stay put i might do that
  6. okay photos of the bunker have been posted, its not all done but its a step in the right way, there are two more rooms not shown here that i have not figured out what to fully do with, those i have some basic thoughts on it
  7. i just finished the extra rooms for the bunker, i'll be taking photos of each room one i have filled it.
  8. i have found a map to work with after viewing over 100 random seed maps its not the best starting point, but i have a monolith in a good place, with a good size sea next to it, some photos will be coming soon of the basic area before it gets tainted.
  9. so last night i was playing Technic single player for the first time in a long time, and i came up with an odd idea for a map that showcases a bit of each mod (some more so then others) here is the basic outline. you who was one of the smarter people in your village, was "hired" (by force) by one Professor Moriarty to work in his lab with a few others, since he had it made right next to your little village, he found some rather odd artifacts in a sort of hole close by, tho the area he claims to have found it is very well know and no ones has ever see a hole just a bunch of black rocks. with these artifacts and some scraps of paper he found, the Professor has figured out how to make some wonderful tool and things that help the village out, ever a few things that could pick up fallen supplies and put them away, everyone was happy till the purple came, at first it was just odd, a bit here, a bit there, everyone thought it was a joke till a pig turned purple and killed the mayor, the others in the lab started acting funny as well, then there was a blast from the lab and it seem all over most of the turn was "tainted" as we started calling it, no one was acting right, and it was spreading fast, the Professor using everything he had got me clear of the village and pointed to the hole he had found the artifacts in, with his last words he said there might still be hope, other paths to follow, with that you have now sealed your self into the hole of the monolith with the dawn stone, you dare not remove the stone for what may be out there, this place now a bunker and your villages last hope. so that is the basic story i came up with, a world that has run wild with taint, a small bunker, ( a monolith with one or two rooms opened with a few rooms added onto those in the same style) with some basics of each major mod (buildcraft, Thaumcraft, IC2, EE2, mystcraft, not sure what else) but as it goes there are a few places you need to go to get the theories to clean up the taints and save your village, so far i have, going back to the lab, using a age book to get resources, entering a catacomb to find one of the theories, going to a temple in a volcano, an under sea palace, and i am thinking a floating island or something for the last one. Photos crafting/Center room Library your farm bed room with dinning/cooking area check list on what needs to be done things that are done with have a X after them Find a map to start with X clear the area around the monolith make a village make a lab make the bunker X fill bunker with whats needed make area for finding theories in (Temple, Catacomb, Palace, Island) add references to old Video games and Books add monster spawner's where needed add starting supplies to the bunker taint the land and watch the purple flow thank you all for reading this i know it has been long
  10. i was saying free was better cuz i am frack ass poor
  11. just wondering whats some good programs for doing recordings and how much the cost (free is better)
  12. heres a link to a video i found use full over the last weeks http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5O5H8ds5_kA&feature=plcp&context=C421249cVDvjVQa1PpcFM6d5APuj46opDLWkUjhYFP_aVi2Ugw2LE%3D it shows you the basics of port forwarding and whatnot so you can have others join your server
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